Running a non-profit is a lot of work, managing volunteers shouldn’t be. Partner with Altruist so you’ll have more time to focus on what really matters - your people and your mission. We promise!

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Registration and Sign-up

Altruist automates volunteer sign ups providing user-friendly registration and streamlining waiver collection, and background checks, simplifying the experience for volunteers and organizers.

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Volunteer Scheduling

Altruist makes it easy to schedule volunteers for different activities, shifts, or events. Allow organizers direct access to easily assign volunteers, view schedules, and send notifications or reminders.

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Send updates, event details, and important announcements with built in email templates, text messaging, and in-app notifications to facilitate communication with volunteers

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Landing Pages

Easily share your volunteer opportunities online. Easily create user-friendly volunteer landing pages or seamlessly integrate with your existing website.

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Corporate Responsibility

Automated workflows for corporate teams, who want to coordinate their employee group volunteering efforts.

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Round up Giving

Let Altruist give pay for the entire cost of your software and more! Integrated round up technology typically pays for software subscription with only 10 engaged volunteers. Learn more

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